M88verse | A next-generation entertainment experience
Enjoy the poer of a truly full crypto cosino


It's a collection of Non-Fungible Token, a unique asset that its ownership and authenticity is secured by a blockchain.

The project is utility-based, this means owning our NFT gives you exclusive privileges to the M88 ecosystem - M88.com, M88stake.com and M88sports.

The M88verse NFT will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
Once minted you will be able to sell and trade in secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea, LooksRare etc;

Yes, we are proudly backed by the M88 MANSION brand.
M88verse is a collaboration between M88 and CRC Labs.

  1. Up to 50% Rev Share on M88Stake AND M88 Metaverse, paid via ecosystem rewards;
  2. Access to Sports, Betting, Art and Entertainment Airdrops, Whitelists & Collabs
  3. Weekly Raffle with up to $10,000 rewards;
  4. CashBack Multiplier, Special Welcome Bonus & Automatic VIP Status Upgrade on M88 Ecosystem
  5. Guaranteed BuyBack within 3 months of minting - No Risk investment; 6. Special Rarity Trait perks, including All-expense paid trips to Sports events, sponsorred by M88;

The first collection has 88 unique NFTs.
It is our ultra-exclusive Membership Pass for the early investors that grants access to upcoming brand collaborations and events.

Holders will earn up to 50% in commission from proceeds in the M88 Ecosystem, Auto-Whitelist & Airdrops for the next collection (800 Mansions), exclusive access to sports, festivals, concerts and IRL events.

Upcoming collection of 800 uniquely designed Mansions that grant further priviliges to the M88 Ecosystem;

In production... Details to be revealed soon.

  1. Like Twitter, IG and FB Page;
  2. Visit M88verse.io and join the raffle to get on the whitelist
  3. Watch out for Mint date updates

M88verse NFTs grants perks on betting and casino privileges in the M88 ecosystem. So it will greatly benefit value investors, betting enthusiasts and crypto collectors/gamers.

The Genesis collection will be minted to a select few.
Our early investors and VIP users from M88.com will have a priority on the whitelist. You can send us a ticket at #open-ticket if you find yourself in that criteria.

88 Genesis presale on 18th Nov 2022. 800 Mansions presale on 18th Dec 2022. Check our discord for further announcements.

See Roadmap on M88verse.io


Our Genesis collection has only 88 assets, get a chance to mint one now!

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